My dog has anxiety – help! How to calm your dog’s anxiety.

anxious dog anxiety

Dogs are highly social animals who generally prefer the company of their humans, so for many when separated, can become extremely anxious.

Just like us humans’ dogs can suffer with separation anxiety which can take the form of biting, barking, chewing on everything in sight, urinating in unexpected places, and in some cases trying to escape.

The good news is that your dog’s anxiety can be managed.

Herbs are a hidden gem when it comes to soothing your dogs’ senses. Not only are herbs a natural and safe alternative to drugs like Valium and Xanax, but they also support a well-balanced diet1.

Herbs have remarkable benefits on their own. But what’s better than one powerful herb is a combination of herbs that act together to formulate the best anti-anxiety remedy for your dog.

Our Calming Pooch Brew was designed exactly for this reason.

So, what’s in our super blend Calming Pooch Brew formula

  • Chamomile has long been used for relaxation and its effects on anxiety and stress. Additionally, it can calm an upset stomach in dogs suffering from vomiting or diarrhea caused by anxiety.
  • Valerian root is often used for restlessness and insomnia. It acts by breaking down GABA; an amino acid that helps reduce neuronal excitability in the brain 3, helping your dog to better process emotional responses to fear and stress, leaving them in a calm and tranquil state.
  • Passionflower soothes dogs’ nervous system; chosen for its notable hypnotic and sedative actions that mildly sedate and calm your dog.
  • Organic oat straw directlyacts on your dog’s nervous system helping it to operate calmly.
  • Australian natural beef and lamb chosen for its yummy flavour, making our brew taste like a warm meaty soup.

Anxiety can be extremely stressful and debilitating for dogs, but like us humans who can seek treatment, our canine family members rely solely upon us for help.

If your dog is experiencing anxiety do them a favour (and your furniture) by ordering a cylinder of our Calming Pooch Brew.


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